Safe for GlowForge to be in bedroom?

Probably a dumb question but currently have my GlowForge in the bedroom at my in-laws since we don’t have anywhere else to put it until our new place is finished. I’ve only used it twice with proof grade draft board. I have the exhaust pipe pointed out the window with cardboard holding in place as a temp solution but I notice some of the smoke comes out the front of the machine. I have three fans blowing and leave the door open so I hope that counts as well ventilated but my room still has that Smokey scent a few hours later like if you were bbqing. I’m scared to cut anything else because I don’t know if it’s safe in my bedroom, especially since our boys sleep in here as well. Am I being safe enough?

I have mine in my bedroom and have had no issues. I’m wondering if there is any chance you have the compact filter option enabled under the gear icon on the dashboard? if so it shuts down the internal exhaust fan and can cause smoke to leak out of the machine. Also inspect the path out the window to make sure it is not blocked anywhere or there is a restriction.


I will check that!

Does it automatically do that or would I have to have manually clicked it? Either way I will make sure I don’t. Thank you so much

You might have to consider which way the wind is blowing outside. If it is blowing towards the wall with the window it might create enough back pressure that smoke would come out the front of the machine. Normally the fans are set up that the pull more air in those openings but it is possible to upset that balance. If you want to be certain there are inline blowers that can give an assist. I have one of these and it does a decent assist and is cheap.


Do I attach the fan from amazon to the vent hose or is that fan just help blow the smoke away?

If smoke comes out of the front of the machine, there’s a problem with your exhaust. The fan is meant to be push out enough air to pull air in through any cracks.

If your exhaust hose is very long or goes around too many/too sharp bends, it can create a restriction that prevents it from working effectively. A buildup of dirt and debris on the fan can do that too, but that’s not going to be the issue on a new machine.


Yeah a pic of your setup might help us offer suggestions if you have trouble tracking down the issue.

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Maybe my hose needs to be cut down. I’ll look into that too.

Side note: If you’re the same Chris M. from the YouTube tutorials THANK YOU! I couldn’t figure out Adobe Illustrator to say my life lol


Glad to help!


You are very good at those guys man, clear, concise, and no BS.

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