Safety Glasses vs Laser Glasses

This is not a safety suggestion, just found it to be an interesting video. Good real world check that laser safety glasses really do their job very well and how necessary they are in Class 4 laser situations.

Warning, a little gross:


I think that would be $40 well spent.
OK a white stick is cheaper, but the guide dog would need feeding.


That is a very convincing video to buy laser safety glasses. :relaxed:


Good video – thank you.


Baking eyeballs sounds like something I would do!


Thank you for the video.


I bought two pair of laser safety glasses, one for me and one for anyone who happens to be visiting my shop.

I’m going for Laser Eye surgery tomorrow (ironic, right?) and that’s the only laser I want in my eyes.

Seriously everyone, protect your eyes and the eyes of anyone who visits your work place.


This is really interesting. I’d really like to know more about the bar graph comparison. I know the gap between the two looks small, but I wonder how much special sauce is actually needed to sway the bar that far. It could actually be significant.
Nerd novel over.

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If you have any good recipies, I’m sure the thread would love to hear them!
Or maybe not…

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Well every halloween party my wife makes deviled eyeballs… (the beet juice was diffusing more than usual last year, normally the bloody lines stay better)


It always struck me that people make them upside down. I pack the the egg whites then flip them over so the curve is on top, making a hole for the stuffing to show through and then garnish with the pimento on top with red coloring. The curved whites sell it. :grinning: Edit: cracker underneath


Can anyone refer a good brand or maker for glasses for a GF? I’ve been looking on amazon and a lot of reviews say the glasses they ordered were for the wrong kind of laser.

Unless you have a Pro you don’t need any. If you do have a Pro and want more than the ones shipped you can get them from GF or Amazon.just make sure they’re for 10,600um wavelength protection. There are others available for the LED lasers that you can buy from the Chinese.

I have these (the Redsail has a drop down front & back for its pass-through).

BTW, GF’s cost less :smile: and that’s before the founder’s discount or any credits.

We sell glasses here, as well:

As noted, you only need these if you’re operating in Class 4 conditions - not an issue if you follow the user manual.

proper laser safety eyewear will have the applicable wavelength written on them. If you get amazon/other ones that don’t have this info on them, or the wrong wavelength, return them. I would not be at all surprised if the people complaining about the wrong type on Amazon were looking at prices/colors over descriptions when they hit buy.
The ones I got online (before the GF ones were announced) are proper, but the GF ones have a wider range and better optical density. Downside to the GF ones are that white frames and dirty fingers means fingerprints.


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