Safety Issue?

Glowforge newbie here. Is it safe/ok to engrave wood that was previously top coated with a spray on clear sealer? Unfortunately, I do not remember all the specific brands I used but am thinking I used both polyurethane and polycrylic (not on the same piece, at different times). These are blocks that rubber stamps were mounted to so sanding the sealer off would be tedious to say the least. I would rather forgo the project I have in mind than go that route. Of course, I also don’t want to hurt myself or my machine either by engraving something I shouldn’t so any knowledge you could share with me would be very much appreciated.

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The proofgrade plywood and hardwoods have a clear coat finish on them. I’ve engraved through paint multiple times. I don’t recall doing a poly first and engrave second, usually the other way around, but I wouldn’t hesitate to laser through a polyurethane.

Did you do the top coat? If so and you know what you used, you can always double-check the ingredients and verify there are no chloride containing compounds in them. If this was factory made, it is probably safe, but you can never be sure they didn’t use some sort of wrap made with a chloride containing vinyl. If I had to bet, I would bet on safe. If I was betting my glowforge, how important is this project?

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