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Hi there, i just bought glowforge pro for my etsy store recently. I’m planning to engrave text and image into my wallets. My question is do i need to wear safety glasses for this process?

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No, the laser safety glasses are only recommended if you have the pass through shields off. :slight_smile:

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What are your wallets made of?

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According to the Glowforge Pro Laser Safety Office Training, “certain safety precautions may create “Class 1 conditions” around the laser. Class 1 conditions mean that the conditions are incapable of producing damaging radiation levels during normal operation. That means that if you choose to use the Pro Shields or Proofgrade materials as described below, additional protections such as safety glasses, signs, and warning lights are not necessary. However, even with Class 1 conditions, every person who uses the Glowforge Pro must read and abide by the user manual and all instructions in the Glowforge App. When the Pro Shields are removed, the crumb tray is properly installed, all instructions in the manual and the Glowforge App are followed, and Proofgrade materials are in use, Class 1 conditions exist.”

Since this question is regarding a print on a non-Proofgrade material, we’re unable to give further advice. I’m going to move this thread to the Beyond the Manual section of our community so the discussion can continue there.

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