Sail boat wood plaque for daughters birthday

First time posting here. Been doing projects with the kids and learning how to use Inkscape to create art and projects over the last few months. Today I finally was able to create something halfway decent worthy of sharing with the Glowforge community.

Tomorrow my daughter turns 10 and for her birthday she is getting a sailing class that we will be taking together over the coming weekends. Rather than giving our kids more stuff we figured it would be more fun to give them an experience (and hopefully a lifelong hobby).

I wanted to give her a small sailboat on her birthday along with a gift card for the class. However, I couldn’t find any cool little sail boats on the way home from work…so I decided to do a wooden plaque inspired by wood models of old sail boats on the Glowforge. I found some low res blueprints online of the Catalina Capris we will be sailing and overlaid my on vector layers in Inkscape.

Pretty happy with the outcome from an evenings worth of work :smiley:


Beautiful work. Love it!

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Great looking piece!

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It’s gorgeous! Nice accent along the edge. Maybe when she finishes the class you can add an inscription about it.


Nice choice of woods. Really nice looking!


Elegant and impressive

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yes, yes, and more yes.



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Really nice plaque. But if you want to make really nice model boats you might want to look at


Thanks for the tip. Looks like a very useful tool. I wanted to make a 3D half hull like you can see on old ship plaques but it wasn’t possible in the time I had. This program might work for creating slices of the hull than can be cut out and layered for a 3D hull.

So the plaque was a hit…kind of. :slight_smile: My daughter immediately asked for one with a horse on instead… lol

Thanks for the encouragement from you all.

@cynd11 Great idea. I actually cut out a piece with the date etc but hadn’t glued it on when I took the photo.


It is much better than that! If your design is hard chine it will provide you all those surfaces folded out flat. Excellent for half hull etc

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#1 it is against the rules to ask.
#2 Freeship from above note will allow you to make your own