Salt shaker

I agree it has the stench of overbearing legal advice IMO, but it would be a loss to the community not to share your triumphs.
Just post the projects without any settings.
I don’t know the circumstances that prompted the move, for all I know it may be the board that required it. But I dislike it.

Because something was accomplished on a glowforge, doesn’t mean the company sanctions it, or is responsible for the consequences. The company has no control over the machines use by experienced users or in the hands of incompetence.
It seems to me a simple disclaimer on the topic heading would easily satisfy any requirement to remove exposure to potential liability.

Look at the Bic flick. A potentially explosive product that has caused fatalities, available for a buck anywhere. All that was needed was a sticker on it that says"Do not use near fire or flame" - on a device that makes fire.