Same art, different medium

Stepped up to an old project that has been sitting around. Back when I engraved my dragon, I engraved a wolf coloring page, too. It has been sitting around waiting until now.


9 focal lengths due to the blasted progressive bifocals.

Page ready, and the color pencil set I was going to use.

My process:

I had my first color chosen before I opened the box. I wanted a nice bright blue for eyes and gems.

From there, I picked colors that suited to my mind, until that color was up.

At this point, the box variety failed. Some of the colors were only one or two shades different than what was already used.

So I marked my photo record, and dug out my old pencils to finish it.

Finished picture under natural light. This was color pencils on proofgrade draftboard. It is currently getting some acrylic sealer to protect the pencil color, after which I will probably put one or two coats of clear spray paint for the gloss. Sadly, the sealer darkens the MDF a little, too.

For a video of the process showing more of the color steps:

Video - the color process.


Wow, beautiful results! I keep wanting to give the colored pencils a try – really need to do that, now!


Gorgeous! Here’s a tip for colored things like this: if you use Prismacolor pencils (which are a wax-based pencil) you can go over the solid colored parts with a paper stump dipped in odorless mineral spirits, and it will blend the color to give you a more solid look. Draftboard takes Prismacolor really well and I’ll bet Baltic birch does as well, although I haven’t tried it.


Lacking in prismacolor. Last time I looked at them, I couldn’t afford them. Another thing you can do, which I didn’t try on this one, is dipping the pencil tip in petroleum jelly prior to applying to paper/whatever. It has interesting effects.


Very nice! Coloring stuff is very relaxing and cathartic.

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Starting the process of picking an image for markers.

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Beautiful results! (I believe I’d wind up cross-eyed if I tried it.) :grinning:

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At one point I forgot it was paper and thought you spent a fortune on a tattoo. Maybe you can sell your art.

That’s insane and really cool. I never thought of doing that and I have tons of coloring books.

Not paper. Did this on draftboard.

Magnifier helps with that.

Well done!