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Finishing up a job of 1,000 tokens for another non-profit outfit here in Denver. The director saw the ones I did for the 'FoCo Cafe in Ft. Collins and since they can be cleaned and don’t wear out he felt they were a perfect replacement for the business cards they use currently.
Local businesses buy them and hand them out as a way to ‘Pay it Forward’. Good alternative for those holding cardboard on the corner asking for change. They can’t drink it or smoke it, so you know you just gave them a good meal. :sunglasses:

Front and back…

Tokens are 1-1/2" diameter, :proofgrade: Medium maple ply.

I believe in their mission so I gave them a really good price, considering the amount of material and time, and donated the design time - along with another little spiff…


And difficult to “Forge” :slight_smile:



That’s great! That is such an excellent idea … the use of tokens. Love the led sign!


Good on you! Love this project.


I meant to mention, to avoid the ‘shadowing’ effect, the lowest (Wonderfully different) is default light engrave, the next line up is default dark and the spoons are default dark 2 passes. That way the text goes deeper the higher up it goes, so none is shaded from the light by text below.


This is just delightful–both the items and the mission. Nice to see your work supporting the good in the world.


Lovely - the 'forge work and the SAME mission. Thanks for supporting such a great cause!


You know Morgan, there is a lot more good in the world that what it ‘feels’ like. Media focus funnels everything bad that happens anywhere in the world to the front of our consciousness and skews our perception. If it bleeds it leads.
One guy just unleashed terror in Las Vegas, Two shot up Columbine, one fool in a theater…
There are more than 7 billion of us scratching around here, and the vast majority of us are good decent people. it just doesn’t feel like it. :sunglasses:


Not always. Over 1,200 people were killed in U.S. hospitals today - killed, not died. They didn’t die of something that was wrong with them when they went in, they died because someone did something wrong to them. Medical misadventure is the 3rd largest cause of death in the United States but no one notices much. It usually doesn’t even show up in leading causes of death lists because it isn’t something we think can be avoided like cancer or heart disease or car accidents or suicides or overdoses or way down the list, guns.

Tomorrow another 1,200 will be killed. And the day after. And the day after…almost a half million people a year. (There is some dispute over the numbers - it might only be half that. Hard to tell because of the “wall of silence” around the topic.)

But no headlines.


So inspiring - thanks for sharing!


It’s the company’s generosity that enabled this. On their behalf, Thank you glowforge!


That sign came out especially nice. I can’t wait to get my GF


Thank you. :grinning:
That’s some nice work you do!


Amen, brother.


That’s a brutal fact. Even worse is that the less power you have, because you’re, for instance, sicker, poorer, fatter, browner, or a woman, the more likely it is to happen to you.


@benmoriconi - Wow… thanks for linking to your site. Very impressive! You are so talented!

Regarding the news, I’m glad I have things like this forum to bring me back down to earth. I used to spend way too much time on CNN and other news sites. They should just say, “And now, here’s the bad news”. It’s whittling me down. I like it here better. Even with the delays. So, thanks everyone.


Thank you so much!!


Does this study really say that perfectly healthy people go into the hospital and are killed at the rate of 1,200 people a day?

Would like clarification on this discussion. Causality is a slippery beast. What are contributing factors? In what situations?

Not denying the reality of medical errors as proximate causes of death, nor the large numbers.

In the context of increased medical intervention at all stages of life how does this fit?

My local hospital certainly notices this issue. Would be interesting to explore “the wall of silence” about it. An institution’s culture of treating bad news is fascinating. Funny that we are working that all out regarding the Glowforge model. I think @rpegg put it very well: it is in our best interest to shape the discussion in a positive manner so as not to sabotage the good that is getting done.

When does sharing bad news help the group and when does sharing good news help the group?

I love the current phrase “throw some shade on something”. It really targets the idea that bad news can sink something that is overall rather good. Kind of like the Make America Great Again slogan. Loaded with meaning. Lots of shade there.

Just thinking out loud.

Edit: additional food for thought.


That was a good read.
Rock mountain high ,Yeah baby! Oh wait, I’m on the front range…