Same Settings as Yesterday. Different Results Today

Did something change overnight?

I’m using the Glowforge to cut paper—very simple and straight-forward. I’m using the same .SVG file, same cut settings, same paper stock. The cut pass no longer cuts all the way through the paper. Do I now need to re-run all my tests again!?

Are others experiencing the same thing?

Yes indeed. There was a change migrated through for the engrave settings yesterday, along with some speed and power adjustments designed to improve processing time on large engraves.

Rita announced it here yesterday, and it shows up in the Latest Improvements on your dashboard.:slightly_smiling_face:

It really depends on what settings you’re using, I suppose. If you’re using manual settings to cut through paper (which I’m supposing you are since it’s paper), then I don’t believe anything should have changed.

Check the material height to make sure you have the proper laser focus height set?

Maybe in need of a lens cleaning? (I had to just clean my lenses because prior settings weren’t working as well on my chipboard that I use daily)

Paper/card stock laying flat? (more than likely, I suppose)

Have you removed the crumb tray recently? Any chance of it not being set properly in the divots, or something being under the divots?

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Thanks @Jules. I guess I need to ask a newbie question: when you say “shows up in the Latest Improvements on your dashboard”…where is my dashboard? I don’t see these releases, even in the Announcements section on the Forum. Or am I missing it?

Good suggestions @jbmanning5. I’ll double check each to be sure.

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It’s on the righthand side of the home screen.

Found it, staring me right in the face! Thanks.

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I don’t see this part mentioned anywhere. I only see the Proofgrade setting changes. Which wouldn’t explain any change if using the same settings as the OP stated. Were there other changes made elsewhere?

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No, they didn’t directly say it…I looked at the settings, and ran some tests. (Give it a try and see what happens at SD Engrave setting on a full bed engrave. They’re much faster to process and bitmaps don’t have to be split. ) :sunglasses::+1:

(If you are looking for the formerly high def settings for your engraves, they’re still there under the HD Engrave settings. You just need to choose that for smaller engraves.)

(And it depends on whether the OP was engraving through the paper or cutting through it. It might be impacting the results.)

Okay, just so I’m clear… You’re saying that, Proofgrade settings aside… They’ve made changes to how the Power/Speed settings work in general?! So, for example, 500/55/340 today doesn’t work the way it did last week?! And they didn’t tell anybody?!

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No the effect of manual settings are the same. 500 speed, 55 power, 340 LPI means the same today as yesterday. The settings themselves changed for Proofgrade engraves. They increased speed, changed power settings and changed LPI to allow larger engraves. If you do it quicker then the motion planning gets under the buffer limit for large engraves.


No , they changed the settings for the SD engraves. They’re engraving at full power and top speed instead of the former settings for the engraves of slow speed and lower power.

Whew! Okay. So they’ve only changed Proofgrade settings… just like they stated.
I think you’ve been reading Dan posts too long. You’re starting to explain things like him :wink:

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Yes, but the new SD settings are optimized for larger engraves. And they’re the new default. (It’s an addition, not a change. The previous settings are there under the HD engrave settings.)

Yikes! :wink:

Could it be temperature?

I’ve found that I’ve had to bump some my cut settings for 3mm Birch from 125/50 last week to 125/75 today. My cutting room was ~60F last week and is around 45F now.

I wish I could find it now but a long while back I had found a chart someone mapped of power output vs temp (for another laser system). One would expect power fall offs at high temps but this graph also showed power falloffs at low temps.

This is, I’m reasonably confident, why Glowforge has the minimum/maximum recommended operating temps that they do.

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To be clear, my comment was about cutting, not engraving. What actually matters is the performance of my specific glowforge. All I know is on Monday, 200/10 cleanly cut through the paper stock. On Tuesday, it did not—same settings, same paper, same file. I bumped speed down to 180/10 to achieve the same clean cut.

Temperature may be a factor, except it was much warmer on Tuesday than on Monday. And, my glowforge is in my house—very consistent temperature.

Also humidity. In general, humidity greatly affects working with paper. And sometimes in unexpected ways.


Did you do a lot of cutting? If the lens/windows got dirtied it could change how much power is delivered.

Prolly worth it to double-check the material thickness setting as well.


@randy1 I’m sorry for my slow reply. Since your challenge was with cutting, the new settings wouldn’t have caused the difference.

May I ask you to follow the troubleshooter here? If you still have trouble afterwards, let us know!