Same settings, repeat printing

Forgive me if this has been discussed repeatedly (pun intended), but I can’t seem to find a reference. There is no way to set a design and then effectively swap in the same size medium and click to repeat? Every cutting program is always created uniquely? Thanks!


It’s a great thought, but when you open the lid everything resets and you have to go thru the process again.

If you’d like to make the suggestion (another iteration of that suggestion can’t hurt) you’ll need to create a post in Problems and Support.

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Thank you! I had no idea there was cake involved. I had heard it was a lie! :laughing:


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It’s been asked for many times, and on the list, but for now, there is no way to just repeat the last print.

Happy cake day. The best we have right now is the ability to save our settings, so when you swap in the new sheet of material, you can select the saved settings and be ready to go. Not a repeat, but better than nothing.

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It would be nice if the gfui could save the processed cut file on the local machine so as not to have to process the same cut file multiple times, especially when using a jig. Although I mostly use my tablet to run Glow-Zomb, so using all my tablet memory up would get annoying fast :sweat_smile:

The file never goes to the local device, it is sent directly to the machine. It could certainly be saved there for a repeat print.

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You could just swap out the material into the Jig and hit print and it will run exactly the same as before. All the set focus is to align the image for you, though it will run the set focus anyway I think.

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