Sample Badge from Getting Started

I created this as part of the getting started project. I wanted to personalize it for a friend of mine who runs a Ballet School, so I looked online for near suitable piece of line art. I ended up using it to do a free hand trace, scanned it using the glow forge, reduced it to fit, added the title, and Shazam!!! Dang this thing is cool. :slight_smile:


Sure is! That’s some great artwork on the fly! :smile:


And it is just so darn easy… The only thing complicated about the setup was venting the machine. Still need to do some additional work to seal things up. First item made my house small mountain homey. :slight_smile:


Yep! Spent a couple of days having an extreme reaction to maple ply (i guess i’m sensitive to maple, nothing else bothers me)…then found the leaks around the connectors we had set up…a little silicone caulk and we’re good to go. :smile:


Great work and I’m sure it will appreciated.