San Diego Meetup

Hi Folks,

Via this forum, @paintscastillo, @designvh619, and I discovered we all live in the San Diego area. We’ve decided to meet IRL.

If you live in San Diego and are free on Wednesday, Aug. 7, we’ll be at Toronado on 30th starting at 6 PM.

It would be great to meet more Glowforge owners in the area.


I would definitely swing by to meet you all, but this darn continent is in the way…

Have fun! Post Pics!


So how did it go? Did you stumble home, or go home in a series of straight lines?


It. Was. Great!!

Meeting @designvh619 was awesome [He’s super smart, super talented, and super fun (and we live in the same neighborhood!)]. We discussed our lasers, design, and projects while our partners discussed Ancient Greece (of which both have extensive knowledge). I left last night inspired to create new things. At the last minute, paintscastillo could not make it, but we hope to have another meetup in the future. Maybe other owners in the area might answer the call to meet up too?

I’ve taken several opportunities to meet people in this community beyond the confines of this forum. First, there were the @karaelena super-duo and @takitus (online then in person at the San Mateo Makers Fair). I’ve conversed many times with @polarbrainfreeze and (have even caught a glimpse of) @rpegg through Google Hangouts. @dan, @bailey, @Rita and @Shell are all so very cool (as have been all the staff at GF I’ve met at Maker Fair and online in the forum). I recently met and ran a few prints for @paintscastillo when a machine was temporarily down. Paintscastillo’s work is beautiful.

I feel so fortunate to have opportunities to meet and learn from such smart and creative people. I had zero design or laser experience when I purchased a Glowforge (never even owned a Cricut). I am heartened by the kindness and patience more advanced artists/designers and Glowforge staff offer folks like me here. I could not do half the things I can do now without all of the advice and support found in the forum. Good, helpful people – every single one of them (there are sooooo many helpful people we could all list).

This forum rocks, my Glowforge rocks, Glowforge staff rocks, and the owers I’ve ventured out to meet IRL or outside the forum all rock.

Caribis2, as for stumbling…well, maybe I had one half of a cider too many :thinking::upside_down_face: but I had a ride :blue_car: (so that extra half a glass was obligatory, right?).


Way too much fun! I definitely could have sat there all night talking GF with Rebecca. Of course I would have had to switch to water at some point. LOL So many new ideas come from meeting talented people. This is truly a great OL Community that is now part of my RL.


Sounds like a great time! :grinning:


Hi all,
I am also in San Diego but just starting to unpack my Glowforge but my wife and I would love to meet up with you guys if you have another meet up! Please let me know if you guys are planning another one.


Awesome! Welcome to the GF Community. I think it would be awesome to do it once a month. What does everyone think?

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I am in!!

Hi Folks,

Should we work on another Meetup? Last time we met on a Thursday, 6PM. Might something like this work again?

I am free most evenings (sans a Monday here and there) and on the weekends.

I am going to PM @paintscastillo @designvh619 @asserbassyouni. Please let me know if you’re in the SD area and would like to join!

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