San Mateo Maker Faire 2019

Anyone going to the San Mateo Maker Faire next Saturday? I see @dan has a demo on Sunday, so I’m presuming GF folks will be there Saturday as well :slight_smile:


If we were not headed to Santa Rosa this Sat we would have gladly made the trip the following weekend. 2 trips from Reno to NorCal in a row is a bit much these days! Have fun and post lots of pics! If your there to see Dan please give him an earful of the the GOOD, BAD & UGLY.


Not this year, unless you know something I don’t. :slight_smile: Where did you see it listed?

The San Mateo webpage is screwed up. You could get the 2018 or 2019 schedule. Or maybe it’s going to be embarrassing when GF doesn’t show.

Looks like the Makerfaire is May 17-19 2019 but the primary schedule selection off the webpage is for 2018 with GF on Sun May 20th.

I think that’s right. Sorry we will miss you!

That’s sad, but thanks for the research!

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