Sande Plywood

I am looking for alternatives to Baltic Birch because of the shortage. I see that both Home Depot and Lowes carry a 1/4 Sande Plywood and was wondering if anyone has tried it? I researched it and it is great for outdoor projects because it holds up great in water. Any information is appreciated. Has anyone tried cutting it?

If you don’t mind ordering online, Ocooch Hardwoods has 1/4" Baltic Birch. And they’re running a sale at the moment for 12"x12" sheets. $1.61 each

Thank you. I usually buy 20 sheets 4 x 8 Baltic Birch at a time. Just having problems finding it at the moment and was checking in Sande to see if it works.

No problem. I don’t use any type of plywood, so I can’t help you with Sande. Ocooch will give you a quote for custom sizes, but I’m not sure if they have 4x8 sheets. Best of luck in your search.

Thank You.

I’ve used Sande and I’d stay away. It looks beautiful, but is hard to cut and chars horribly. The only wood worth laser cutting from Lowe’s or Home Depot, in my opinion, is the online order through Home Depot for Columbia Purebond. But since Home Depot is out of stock, you could try Rugby Architectural Building Products to get Columbia Purebond from, just matters where you are located since they don’t ship!


True Baltic Birch doesn’t generally come in 4x8 sheets, it comes in 5’x5’s.
Are you looking for regular birch ply?

From Home Depot many people seem to like Purebond brand ply but I think it comes precut in GF sized sheets.

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Thank you…I am checking on Purebond to see if I can find any. I do buy 4 x 8 sheets baltic birch from 84 lumber and Home Depot…currently no rush as the print head on my Glowforge Pro basically burned up and melted the inside of it this past Friday. Glowforge is sending me a new head. I appreciate your help…

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I routinely order the Purebond and have great luck with it…

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Home Depot doesn’t sell baltic birch plywood, not in store nor online, so whatever you’ve been buying is not baltic birch.

Seconding the PureBond brand for something they carry that laser cuts and engraves easily and consistently. You can get it in 4x8’ sheets, or 10-packs precut to 12x19" for your Glowforge.

There’s a couple different veneers available, and they have 5/32" (“medium”) or 1/4" (“thick”) thicknesses. They’ll cut and engrave at the Proofgrade medium/thick settings.


Thank you…Do you order online or in the store?

Thank you…I will try to find some…

Thank you

I order the 10-packs online. Spend $45 to get free shipping, so I always buy at least two at a time. They ship directly from the manufacturer, Columbia Forest Products, which has a mill or two in my state so they arrive very quickly.


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