Sandstone Cosmere Coasters

What a great effect! That’s so pretty.


ha! yes! some Superfan I am! It was supposed to be the Warbreaker flaming star, but I wasn’t sure how thick the lines would be to see detail. The Dragonsteel option I have a hunch might be super relevant in like 15 years, lol. I haven’t seen your projects, but I would LOVE to! I’m a teacher and have Christmas break to work on any projects I want!

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Okay - that coin holder is AMAZING! I’ve already forwarded it to my Cosmere friends. One reaction: “STFU. Why do you do this to me? Take my money, lady” She also just spent $300 on foam shardblades. I told her when she dies, I get her Cosmere collection.

Do you know offhand if I can get the last 3 coins? I will have the one coming with the WoK leatherbound.


Haha thank you! And thanks for sharing with your Sanderfriends :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I literally just found those Cosmere foam blades and I showed my husband. Needless to say, he loved them as well. And they are full sized which is awesome!!

You got the Wit coin, right? Did you also get the one from your Order? I don’t know if the WoK KS coins will be available again in the future. Dragonsteel says maybe, but it all depends.


I need to try this! Cool results.


I love sandstone … cool effect.