Sapele Plywood Dice Box



It’s my first weekend free since…Easter…dang. Anyways, I recently got some metal D20s at PAX east. I was worried about these heavy dice damaging my other dice in my bag. The obvious solution is to make them there own box.

On a related note, I recently picked up some Sapele Plywood at Boulter Plywood (, they are located in Medford, Ma, but they also deliver. They have some nice stuff!). I also finally picked up some EVA foam floor mats.

An afternoon with Inkscape and testing material settings later, and I have this beauty!

I stacked the cut up pieces and glued them together. I placed some magnets to hole the box shut. I sanded the edge of the box, because I wanted the Sapele to show through. Then, I hot glued the foam into the box.

I used some Tung Oil to finish it off. The pictures don’t do it justice, it is a really awesome red color. I’m really happy with the way it turned out! Now, lets hope this will make them roll better tomorrow night!

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Very nice.


The box looks seamless. Great idea to keep your dice in tact!


That’s beautiful! And, as a bonus, I’m not so far from Medford! I’ll have to make a trip there soon…


The box looks great. I am in Lakeville, MA so a trip to Medford is definitely in the future.


Nice job on the box … Beautiful wood!


Oh, what a gorgeous box! I’m a big fan of boxes that don’t have finger joints.


That is awesome. I’ve got some projects on my (way too long) list, that would require stacking cuts like this, but I haven’t tried any yet because I’m concerned I won’t line them up very well. You’ve made this look seamless. I am both impressed, and jealous.


Wicked! :wink:


To be honest, I didn’t get them lined up perfectly. I also used super glue instead of wood glue, mostly because it was my first one and I was impatient. If I used wood glue, I would have had more time to get the parts lined up.

Sanding the part after assembly was key to making it look seamless! I did a 220 grit pass, and finished it with a 320 grit, so it has a nice smooth finish! One lesson I learned is I should have assembled the box, clamped it together, then sanded it as 1 piece.


That is such a great design and execution! It just looks fantastic!


Now that is an excellent project. Solves a problem, but in a unique way demonstrating beautiful craftsmanship. Very nice. :sunglasses::+1:


Did you cut the foam on the glowforge too?


Yup. I got EVA (anti fatigue) floor mats, the kind that looks like puzzle pieces. A little bit of experimentation (and one small fire I put out with the spray bottle) and I had some laser cut foam! One thing I still need to do, if I make more of these, is to figure out the kerf so I get a nice tight fit.


My husband would love this! He’ll prob bug me to make a box like this haha!


The dice box is fantastic!! Leveling up? Indeed you are!