Satisfied with my purchase

I have had my Glowforge since the middle of June.

I use it most days.
I haven’t made amazing things - but amazing to me.
I love it.
It’s part of my life.

I wouldn’t go back.
It hasn’t “paid for” itself… but I made $60 with it at the end of a really tight month. I’d like those $60 to have been used on more materials; but I’m grateful it was there to get the kids enough new clothes to start school with a celebration instead of with last year’s clothes.
Gifts have been personal, plentiful, and fun. Weekly scout meetings have been enhanced. Kids toys repaired. Kids toys made.
I updated my own wardrobe with some Glowforge magic. Organized my house.
Little things, mostly…

I can’t promise that you’ll be happy.
But I am.

Thanks to @dan and @staff for a lot of awesome.


Agreed. The glowforge hasn’t generated any money, that wasn’t the goal - but in creative inspiration, satisfaction and joy, it has paid off in spades!


Happy to hear it.

I’m not sure I’ll sell much the first month. I’ll probably be too busy making things on my wife’s list lol.


Great way to start the day and week with a nice and positive user experience. Can’t wait for my :glowforge: to arrive!!


What @cmreeder said! In spades! :grinning:

(How wonderful of you to actually take the time to say “thank you”. I love being around the good people here. It sets an example for me when I get frustrated.) :blush:


Couldn’t have said it better myself! And on top of all that we have this wonderful, supportive camaraderie. There’s not a lot of maker interest among my family and friends (although they like getting the goodies!), so I have to get my maker support through you all. And you have totally come through!


One of my favorite posts!


Really glad to see some of these posts.

People have had negative experiences - and they are well within their rights to report them
People have had doubts - and we have everything from history to conjecture to back these up

But getting honest, non-cheerleader, reports of how happy users are really helps as the (hopefully) last months to delivery count down