Saturn V Blueprints

Ok - I’ve looked, I’ve googled, I’ve searched and I cannot find a hi-res image of the Saturn V blueprints.

I have the lego Saturn V model that I want to build a horizontal shelf for displaying, and I’d love to engrave some manner of blueprint behind the model. It’s about 40" long and about 6" at it’s thickest.

I bought this poster to build into a frame / mount, but where I want to put it I don’t have the space for a 1’ tall poster:

So I’m desperately looking for a good, high res version of a Saturn V blueprint I can engrave. And I can find stuff, just not high res enough to burn. IF anyone has a resource, I sincerely appreciate it!


I don’t know about actual blueprints, but there’s great-looking historical stuff in this:

Saturn V Flight Manual - NASA History Division

If you can’t find hi-res, go low-but-authentic.


@hansepe and a few others have put up some great resources for fellow space lovers. I’m sure if you search their posts something is bound to to turn up. I know they provided some great 50th anniversary files.


I searched the forums specifically for Saturn V, but I’ll keep digging. Thanks!

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Yup - I got that and GREAT stuff in there, especially since it’s a PDF. That’s actually my backup plan if I can’t find what I’m looking for.

Been reading through that this morning - I LOVE it. I’m such a geek for this stuff.


I believe that the Saturn V was the one that all the design specs were put on early giant computer disks and then they carefully saved all the disks but sold every reader of the disks for scrap, so still have all the data but nothing that can read it?

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I may have to do a bit of searching to see if I can find anything for you, but please post pics of whatever you wind up doing! I also have the Lego Saturn V, probably one of my favorite Lego builds, and it’s an ongoing ‘discussion’ (ie friendly argument) between my wife and I of where to put it in the house. For those that don’t know, it’s about 3’ tall/long :smiley:


Will do! When we got the work from home directive, we swapped desks in our house and I have the one in the front by the window. I wanted to put it right under the cabinets, above my monitors, but after realizing that I’d never be able to raise the monitors up, now I only have 6 inches to work with. So I’m going to build a shelf to hang off the bottom of the cabinets and have the model sitting there. I figured if I’m building an L shaped shelf, the back could be engraved!

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BTW - if you haven’t seen this, find it in 4K and watch it. AMAZING

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I’m gonna have to go take a picture…my wife got a new floor lamp a few months back with removable glass shelves. I saw it and said those shelves need to go and the Saturn V needs to go in the middle of the lamp (will make more sense with a pic). She laughed and said no way. Well, a bit later we had family over (before lockdown) including her dad who used to work at Lockheed and his dad (my wife’s grandfather) actually worked on the Apollo mission as an engineer, so they of course were interested in the Lego model. I said, yeah it’s great, but my wife won’t let me put it where it belongs…I show them, everyone loved it, and that’s where it sits today but I think my wife still doesn’t approve.

Ok, updated with pic:


One more thought @mrinken…The manual/book that comes with the Lego kit has some kind of nice blueprint type images and an exploded view. It would take a bit of clean up, but maybe that’s a starting place?

Also, in my google searching I found THIS. Is there an emoji for drooling?


I saw that crawler too. They really should offer that up!

And I WISH I had that poster - I can’t find it anywhere or I’d start there.

Which poster? The drawings in the Lego book?

Would something like this work?

Found it here

And this one


Yup - got those too. I think I’m just going to have to take one of these and doctor them up…

Thank you!!


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