Savannah Bananas Novelty Mascot Chain

So I live in South Carolina, but Savannah is only 30 minutes away. My 2 Nieces dance with the Banana Splits, which provide inter-inning entertainment at Savannah Bananas baseball games. There are also the Banana Nanas and Dad-bod dancers. The Nanas are a cheerleading group made up of grandmas, and they have a beef with the Banana Splits, who are young girls, taking up some of their field time. Basically, the Nanas are upset that these young dancers are getting some of their attention. The drama, I know.

So, I’ve made multiple turn-over style chains with acrylic in the past, but this is the first one I’ve made with 5mm EVA foam. I’m going to a game on Monday, and the Banana Splits will use this as a prop in some of their photo and video opportunities. Take that Nanas!


Very cool and fun!


You are absolutely the cool uncle.


What an adorable group of girls! Love the project!


Being in Georgia, I have heard of the Savannah Bananas for several years, before they became the TikTok hits. One of my high school classmates students played for them for at one time.

The girls are adorable. I need to get over for a game some time. We always say Miracle League baseball beats any type of typical Little League game, I’m sure I will enjoy the Savannah Bananas over the Braves too, just don’t tell my husband.


That turned out very professional! Love it!


You could make one for each girl and really drive the Nanas crazy! The chain turned out great! And every time I think of bananas, I remember a cheer the kids used to do in Winnemucca, Nevada - “Gooooo, go ba-naaan-as! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Gooooo, go ba-naaan-as! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!” I can still hear it in my head! :rofl:

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