Savannah, Georgia

To make this laser related…

I keep eyeballing signs like this for inspiration. This is in my hotel in Savannah. Also saw some laser cut puzzles, but it didn’t feel right taking a picture of those. Tetris-esque looking stuff. It had burns quite visible right on the front. Somehow makes me feel more like I could sell some stuff if that can be considered retail quality.

Okay, now that making this laser related is done…

Here’s the view from the balcony patio this evening.

Anybody got any suggestions for what to do in Savannah’s historic district? We’ve been to the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Colonial Park Cemetery, ate at Zunszi’s, Sweet Melissa’s, and Cafe M, walked around reading about folks from the revolution to the Civil War and Civil Rights movement, and stared at the architecture as we wandered and shopped and such. Got plenty of time. Gonna fit in some art and my daughter wants to do some sort of ghost tour. What are your favorites in the area?


Eat at Pink House, and take a carriage ride. :grin:
Breakfast outside at Belford is also real good.


Thanks! Any intel on the menu for The Olde Pink House? Can’t seem to find much online. And is it Belford’s Savannah Seafood & Steaks? I can walk to both and check them out, but that’s a thing best left for the morning.

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I gave you some bad info on Belford’s. They don’t have breakfast anymore. That is sad, because it was something that we really enjoyed. We only ate breakfast there so I can’t comment on other meals, but the breakfast was outstanding.
I had some kind of duck dish and my wife had a steak. The deserts are real different too.

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Watching the giant 1100 foot-long container ships turn around in a 1500 foot-wide river is always exciting.


No bananas handy. Shipping containers for scale.