Save/Favorite Design

I’m sure I’m not the first one to suggest this, but is there a way to “favorite” or “save” a specific design in the library so I won’t have to scroll through the entire library to find an old design?

That would be great if there was that feature.

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No, but you could upload another iteration of it and it will appear at the top… :roll_eyes::unamused:

Or choose duplicate. That also tops it.


Cool, I didn’t know that. :+1:

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Yeah it also pulls the settings forward, which can save you some setup.


It would definitely be cool to pin a half dozen designs :slight_smile:


There’s a good suggestion for the hopper, be able to pin/unpin designs.
Or give us a folder… :thinking:


Or rename it


True, but I do have a handful of designs I use all the time. If I kept uploading, renaming, or duplicating, there would still be a lot to go through. I was wondering if I had missed the whole “save”/“pin” feature.

Thanks for your input, guys!

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We’ve been asking for this for a loooong time. We can only hope they decide to make some progress on this front.

I’d really love to see a much more robust system for storing files. Folders/tags. Recently used file list. Notes attached to each file for settings, process steps etc.


We really do need folders :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


I wonder about clutter?
I periodically have gone through and eliminated a lot of the App stored files myself. Old house keeping habit from when we did not have hard drives that were a bazillion gazillion bytes large.

Just for giggles, I just examined my Glowforge folder.
1,719 folders and 15,973 files.
Now, there are a lot of files in there that were iterations leading up to a final design, but it still piles up over time.
I have a few file naming tricks I have become accustomed to and there is almost always a FINAL folder for complex designs. A few folders also have text files in them if I did not elect to put specific parameters into the file design itself.

Long story short, even with folders, it could get rather bulky. Even now, when I go to remake something, I have found myself scrolling the directory list, while trying to remember what exactly I called the design.

All that said, it would still be a great idea to have folders for the designs we KNOW will be replicated and have set up final parameters for. Just do a fast COPY and off you go (if you remember that you saved it in there - lol).


And still naming files at 8 letters? When I get a working copy and hope to use it again I I leave it in place and when I did not do so for a reason I have not discovered a long run of fingers could not be precisely repeated and made a mess of the project and I now have pieces that the teeth don’t match anything.

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I can understand that. But seeing that they in a way are forcing us to upload our design, they should give us some sort of organization, even if it it limited. I only keep thing uploaded if they are the final design, but I still have my most used files I would like to keep at the top.

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