Save files?

Just noticing that the side bar on the app home page is promising the ability to save settings! I’m running a print now, hopeful to see whether my non proofgrade settings are indeed saved for later.


Remember that most settings are saved. Power, speed, position, passes, material height, etc. And if you delete a portion of a design, the next time you load it that portion will still be deleted. To get those components back for one of your own files you will have to re-upload the file and start from scratch.

So it’s generally better to ignore components rather than delete them if you can.


What do you know?! It worked!

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This makes me so happy!!! Thank you Glowforge team!
So much time will be saved.

Also, you can drag pieces of the design outside of the cutting area and they’ll be effectively ignored.

So, in my case, I had a design file-- a PDF-- that contained around a dozen individual parts to be cut that I wanted to cut out of random scraps.

I simply dragged everything out of the cutting area, dragged in whatever would fit on the piece of scrap I had in the Glowforge, cut those pieces, dragged them off to a different spot, and then started the process over with a new bit of scrap and a new set of pieces!

This was the file (a bee puzzle I found somewhere).

Bee-5mm.pdf (57.6 KB)


I knew that, but I also didn’t know that. Good tip to get around the delete issue.

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