Save on Weeding Tape

Just a quick tip for weeding, particularly useful for text. A piece of the masking itself will do a fine job of gathering all those pesky weeds in your text. I mean, you already have a piece of tape in your hands.
Using the sticky side of the masking with your fingertip, with your work on a flat surface just press and drag your finger across in straight lines. Presto. All those little pieces roll right off and stick to the mask in a couple of quick strokes. :sunglasses:


I’ve actually reused the masking on non-proofgrade materials :rofl: I’ve been doing way more two sided designs, but before that, the back was always untouched leaving plenty of free masking! This is a great tip, though, thanks!


So have I :+1: waste not, want not.


I’m glad I read this post. Last night after my last latest design, I had a lot to weed (not to be mistaken for having a lot of weed :wink:) , and my previous method was alright at getting the tiny pieces out. What I was doing before was sticking the tape down as rapidly pulling away at about a 45 degree angle, which, when the tape was still unused, was a great way, but after doing it a couple of times it became less and less effective. So last night when needing to weed my latest design, I tried this rubbing method and it works so much better. I found out that you don’t even need to use one of the unused sections of whatever tape you’re using for this to work.

Much thanks to you! I’m willing to bet others may have said something about using the same technique, but you’re the source I found it from, so you’re the one who is going to get my thanks :+1:

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You’re Welcome!
It really is quick and effective. I hadn’t seen the method discussed here, but the guy that showed me has to do weeding in the course of his employment.