Save the 45s!


Everyone has a bunch of 7" 45s laying around, right, but it is so easy to lose that adapter when you drag your turns out into the street for a block party or a battle.

Don’t fret, it’s easy to make a fr-fr-fresh one with nothing more than some wood and light (amplified, of course, by stimulated emission of radiation).

If that is too much trouble, you can send your 45s to me, I’ll make sure they get scratched.


So very nice :slight_smile:


Retro. Very retro. :sunglasses:


Supa Freshness! love it.


Acrylic in some cool colors might look pretty nice. :heart_eyes:




I was JUST thinking about making custom 45 adaptors yesterday!


Cool. My family just recorded a 45 in the Third Man Records retro recording booth in their Nashville store. There has never been a better rendition of the song “sneaky snake” than the one done by my kids. :rofl:


Cool! I hadn’t heard of them before, but I probably should have…
just looked 'em up… founded by Jack White. Storefronts are only in Nashville and Detroit.


It’s a great place, lots of cool music and collectible things. Apparently, there are only 2 of those recording booths in existence anymore. They had to search the earth to buy all the old broken ones to get enough parts to cobble together one working unit for the store. My kids loved it.


that’s crazy. Losing technology is a sad thing, especially when it is tech that is still being used daily around the world.

I don’t know the current numbers, but peep this headline from 2013:


Meh, I kind keep up with these new fangled whatchamahoozits. For me, it’s wax cylinders or nothing.


:sunglasses:! Haven’t seen one of those things in 30 years.
My brother-in -law is an audiophile and has been in the speaker building/equipment repair/retail sales all his life,and says the best sound reproduction is the first time a record is played. Dragging the needle across it wears enough that the second time is not as good.
I dunno, I don’t have the ear of a dog - an MP3 sounds fine to me.__


Oh, wow. I remember my mother showing me some of the records she and her sister recorded to send people…