Saving Files From Catalog or Dashboard

I downloaded FREE for Premium Members files from the Catalog. They appeared fine in my Dashboard. Is there any way to save them to my computer desktop so that I can personalize them in Silhouette Business Edition? I have never been able to figure a way to save any files that I may have altered on the Glowforge bed (resize, personalize, etc.), but I have always had access to the file in Silhouette. Thanks!

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Nope. Catalog files cannot be exported to user computers. You can combine personalized material with the file, but only within the app.


So in other words… you don’t really OWN the files, even tho’ you paid for them.


Not fair.


You don’t own them and no one ever said you did. You paid for the right to use them on a GF.

They should stay exactly there way you last left them unless you actively reset the file. If that’s not happening for you send support an email and they should be able to fix whatever is glitching in your account settings.


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