Saving Steps

After re-ordering the print steps, is there a way to save them in Dashboard so that next time I use the file I don’t have to go through and re-order again?

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The re-ordering will stay as long as you don’t delete/re-upload. The individual settings will go away because it’s based on material, but the order will stick.

If you reupload the file and order is important You should look at custom palettes.


I haven’t re-uploaded the file, just opened it again in Dashboard. All the steps reverted back to where they were originally. The file has some 40+ steps on 7 different material layers, 4 of them having multiple kinds of operations (cuts, scores, and engraving). I may have to use a different strategy with this if the correct ordering won’t save. It would be a royal pain to have to change all the colors in the file or break it up into multiple files one for each layer. One idea is to make them all black then put them in the correct order. Do you believe the order would be saved that way?

Making the all black would just group them more so they would be even harder to change.

I recommend changing the colors like @evansd2 suggested. Yes, it is a pain, but it is the best way, and you can get used to doing it from the beginning for next design you put together. I do all my designs this way, then all I have to do is position them in the GFUI.

I would do a cache clear and or try another browser, because they do not normally revert. The operations will revert because they are dependent on material, but not the order.

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Thanks for everyone’s ideas. I have cleared the cache, closed my browser, rebooted my laptop, and changed all my colors in ascending hex numbers. Nothing has helped. As a matter of fact, the layer that I left black doesn’t even load first. Good thing I did this on a copy of the file because it took me two years to make the original.

The only thing I can suggest is that you load your file here and let someone take a look to see if they can figure out what’s up.

I will point out that it ignores layers entirely, but black should definitely be at the top so…

… or email it to support to check on.

Seems like you might have run up against an unexpected limit on the number of steps. A handful is normal. What you’re describing is not.

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