🎷 Saxophone Reed Box

My wife asked me to make a box to keep things in order with her :saxophone: reeds.


It took a few iterations, so if you need a similar box for that saxophonist in your life…

I started @

These were the settings I used to account for reeds in bags, and loose reeds.

but the hinge is too flimsy on this box, so I made the hinge larger.

And then the dividers were too high, so they needed to be shortened so the lid would open / close.

So I opted to score the saxophones first, then cut the small boxes, then the entire shape while ignoring the engraving and ignoring the two score lines for the first go.

Then flipping the lid and ignoring everything except for the two score lines and the engrave.

File to download:

reeds box3.svg.zip (29.5 KB)

Updated, when you put the 2 dividers in, make sure the notches are facing up, and they align with the back of the box, so the lid doesn’t get stuck opening. It gives extra clearance for the box lid.

You can put your reed in there!


Thank you so much!


My pleasure!!

My saxophone days are long behind me, but this could be adapted for lots of other things. Thanks so much for the files.



Nice share! Especially with the larger hinge. Thank you!

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Played tenor sax many, many moons ago. Love the box but I am curious about the ‘fix’ and ‘needs work’ sections. Mine were either new, good or in the trash. I don’t remember any that were considered anything else. Can you ask your wife about this mysterious ‘fix’ category if you don’t know the answer??? Once they busted, I certainly never knew a way to fix them.


Aloha, this is Peter’s wife. I asked him for the middle “fix” section for reeds that were uneven or too woody out of the box that I needed to work on, with rush or sandpaper to make them into useable reeds. Not to be confused with the broken ones (our 4 year old crammed a reed into my mouthpiece this week because she wanted to “help,” haha)!


Thanks so much for the explanation! The decades ago (showing my age) that I played I remember buying my reeds by hardness (want to say I used a 3???), but I don’t ever recall ever making any modifications to them. Likely because I was never as talented as you :slight_smile:

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I miss playing my sax, also many moons ago. My clarinet was destroyed in Superstorm Sandy, so it’s just the guitar and drums these days.

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@Pearl She found someone amazing on the mainland and takes online lessons. She is wonderful. I don’t know that music world. I collect ukuleles that I strum, but don’t have the level of musical talent.
She didn’t like the graphic on the box, so I changed it to be the appropriate sax.

@jbpa That is sad. You need more instruments.

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This is cool, might have to use/adapt this for my clarinet reeds.

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Are the reeds about the same size? It is a pretty cool box. I updated it with the new design so it opens better. Have fun with it!

I’m not sure offhand the difference in size (I’m sure there is one, even though they’re both single reed and not doubles), but it should be simple enough to adapt your box to the right size for it to work. I’ve never actually measured my reeds for specific size, just paid attention to hardness level, so it’ll be something new to learn about them.

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