Say "Cheese!"



First time I’ve been able to use my teeth to plane a material down to a suitable thickness for use in the glowforge.

It also smelled kinda funny afterwards… so I peeled that section off and ate the rest of it. :smile:


Man, folks are toasting everything these days! (Now I’m craving a toasted cheese sandwich.) :smile:


Yeah I opted for a latte’ instead of food for lunch today and now I’m getting hungrier. :smiley:


Mike, that’s pretty cheesy.

I tried marshmallow the other day. We were making Rice Crispy Treats. I quick grabbed the last marshmallow and said “Nope! Not that one.” Shoved it in Geordi’s mouth, grabbed the “S’mores” logo, and tried to engrave it. Used up the hole thing but I couldn’t get good contrast out of it. I think I realized my issue wasn’t power, but probably speed. Usually I try not to “burn” things, but in this case that’s exactly what I wanted. Oh well. Next bag of marshmallows I’ll try again.


Should I have labeled it “String Theory” instead?


I bet the flat marshmellows would be easier…:yum:


I predict that the 2018 Peeps season will be interesting… :smirk:


What’s a string bung? :wink:


Too funny…who knew…Teeth to plane… hahaha ! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Surprisingly, that’s what we had. I thought it’d be perfect. Relatively flat surfaces. (These days when I see unmarked flat surfaces, all I can think is “I wonder what settings will work on that.”)