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I typically create my SVGs in Adobe Illustrator for the iPadPro and them upload them into the Glowforge dashboard. I create dollhouse miniatures 1:12 scale so accuracy is very important.

I have noticed though that when I upload my file onto the GF dashboard, the file appears and cuts approximately 25% smaller than the dimensions in my original file. I always include a 1-inch square in the file to test for accuracy.

I find that I always have to manually adjust, but was just wondering if I am missing a setting/step in the export or on the dashboard that would eliminate the need to manually adjust and preserves the original file dimensions?

Thank you all in advance!

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One way that seems to lock the sizing is to use a work space set at the same ratio as the bed space. Here’s an old post with a variety of information on it.

Hopefully the workspace ratio will do it for you. (3:5 or 12”x20” for the whole bed; remember the usable is more like 18x11)

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@shop loves the pdf workflow…


There’s some discussion in the forum about the setting AI svg output DPI matching up with what GF expects and also unchecking the “responsive” option on export. the 12x20 artboard @wesleyjames mentions is also key.

On a different tack - if you make your sizing square surround the entire artwork and a known size you’ll be able to check resize all the artwork more easily.

Please post pics of your furniture, we love miniatures around here :slight_smile:


PDF always comes in the same size. but i only use it on the rare occasions that copy/paste doesn’t work.

that said, 98% of the time from AI, I just use copy/paste. you can paste into the main dashboard page.

but for SVG (and really, for copy/paste, since that uses SVG format), you just need to make sure the system is set up to export SVGs that aren’t responsive. note that “responsive” is unchecked here in the save as.


Thank you everyone!

I was working in inches, but before export, I grouped the whole drawing and changed my drawing properties to pixels; selected the group; locked in the ratio, and increased everything by 1/3 (96 pixels divided by 72 pixels = 1.3333). It worked!

i would just change the export to not be responsive. that should solve the problem w/o you having to manipulate scale, which could create other issues later on.


Yes, thank you, did that too–great tip!

I appreciate the tips and the warm welcome, great group here!

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Here is a pic of the stoves I create…


That’s fabulous!


Wow!!! It is amazing!

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Adorable tiny stove! Please do post more of your work.

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There are settings for absolute size in the software, and you can even set it to 12 inches to an inch so you design in real scale and it automatically sizes it. An easy workaround is to know the size a thing is supposed to be and use the precise scale and positioning that you will find in the lower right-hand corner of the GFUI when something is selected.