Scale x, y separately

Thanks for adding the new features, a dialog box for position & scale, especially unlocking the x/y ratio, that’s my dream item!


being able to punch in an actual value for the scaling is such an essential feature. I would complain that its crazy it took this long but whatever, its done.

Now can we get a similar ability to punch in an angle for the rotation?

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I agree, I wrote that exact wish item months ago and was a bit let down when it wasn’t included in the latest upgrade but…
In other news: Now the thumbnails created since the upgrade in the app design library page are black & white
GlowForge; is this an oversight or an intentional thing?
Bring back the color! please?!

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Glowforge staff don’t monitor this forum (only Problems and Support) - but if you want to provide feedback on a specific update, the announcement thread is the place to do it.


Good to know, thanks Fly.

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