Scam alert from CNN

Everyone waiting for an email from Fed ex or UPS be very careful if/when you get that.

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I’ve never gotten a FedEx text that starts with Hello mate xD but goodness, will people stop at nothing to do bad things?

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If you’ve never signed up for fedex notifications you wouldn’t be getting them… which is why when I got the fake text I was immediately giving it the hairy eyeball treatment. I have a vm set up specifically for testing out links (I like to see what kind of payload they are delivering). This one is purely phishing for personal information, so no payload per se… but yeah… that was a new one on me. :slight_smile:

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I keep getting phone calls that the Warranty on my 30 year old van is about to run out and I need to pay them to extend it.


Haha yes that should be a sign right there but you know there is somebody somewhere who will get stung by it.

Get thru to a scammer and keep them on the line. Make up fake data. They love that kind of thing.

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I know you guys have all seen this guy right?


Yeah, “Your CVS prescriptions are ready to pick up” too - I don’t get prescriptions from CVS, but they do text if you do so…

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