Scanning Images / Snapmarks

I am currently in the process of trying to create jigs for my wooden items that I have made so I can line them up and print in bulk without things shifting on the printer. In the past I would print lightly on a piece of masking tape soon in on the glowforge preview and count spaces on how off the machine was and do the opposite for correction.

Since snapmark I am now trying to determine how I can avoid this by using the snap mark template and creating these jigs/ outlines of my products where I can fit the items in add the glowfoge logos to line up to and add in the outlines and engrave.

The issue I am facing is determining a way to best trade my items so it is the correct size on the glowfore bed template when I upload the svg or pdf.

Is there a way I can scan the image of my product on the glowfoge bed, save it then trim out my outline of product to use

Unfortunately, I don’t think so at this time.

The only way to currently add snapmarks is into a digital file in outside design software. What you need to do is create an outline in the digital software, add the snapmarks, and the engrave design to that file, and use that to cut out your jig. Then you can drop the already made items into the hole in the jig.

If the items are an odd shape, you might be able to photograph or scan them (from straight on and with a contrasting background) and bring the scan into your design software and do an Auto-Trace to create the cut lines for it. You might have to tweak it a little, but it should be pretty close.

If they are a fairly simple shape, like a rectangle or circle, just measure it and create a box or hole with those dimensions in the design software. It’s easy enough to tweak the simple shapes.


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