Schedule update (December '16)

Vote of no confidence in @dan

If you really feel that way, you should probably ask for a refund, then, since leaving your money involved is pretty explicitly a vote of support.


I feel bad for the people that received a credit when I used their referral code.

According to the cancelation information they will also loose their credit for referring me.

I don’t remember what member’s referral code I used but sorry bro you are out $100.00.

Your referral payment, and the payments of anyone who referred you, will be cancelled

Each time you refer someone else who buys a Glowforge, you get another $100 added to the total referral payment you’ll get when your order ships. Cancellation will permanently delete any and all referral payment.

If you purchased with a friend’s referral code, you lose that discount and their referral payment is deleted as well when you cancel.

I am voting with my money and have no confidence in Dan’s ability to turn this around in any significant way. At some point I do believe that Glowforge unit will ship but under Dan’s stewardship I think the product will suffer and will ultimately be sold to another company that can produce a mature product.

I’ll give you another year, but that’s it!


I am so incredibly angry and frustrated right now. Dan has already done 80% of what we asked and didn’t get sent to the community. Information on pre-release units

I have reached the facepalm stage with my incredulity over @Dan and his communication.

Pages and pages of detailed information that wasn’t mentioned in the last couple days…

If @Dan and his team already had this, why can’t they keep it up to date every week or two?

I apologize if the points I’m about to make where already brought up.

After the June deadline was missed, and I read that the GF team had landed more VC funding, and that now they were able to ship more beta units, I said that they were cutting it too close for a December shipping (not enough time to gather feedback to correct any design problems, especially when certain problems don’t manifest themselves until the GF is used for extended periods of time). I, too have worked in product design and manufacturing, so I appreciate all the stuff and surprises that could come up before a product is fully tested and set in stone. That’s just testing and design, manufacturing also has its own quirks and surprises working to delay product release. Don’t forget the constant battle between the marketing and engineering and production teams. Each having their own priorities and realities.

Can you imagine the (prohibitive) cost to recall and repair hundreds of machines after squeezing them through too prematurely? I just hope that the team can fine tune their time predictions and promises a little better.

Understanding all this, I do appreciate @dan 's position and what he has to deal with. I do however have some questions:

  1. Is there a thread discussing some installation, safety requirements, etc., so that we can prepare the proper space for our machine when it arrives? For example, if I vent to a window (building a panel and an exhaust port in it, that fits under the window, like a window A/C unit), should I add a 4" fan to push the exhaust fumes out, or is that not necessary, maybe due to the fan(?) on the back of the GF?

  2. Do I or any family member or friend absolutely need to wear laser safety glasses (and what type for the pro model) while the GF is working with the cover secured in the closed position?

These are my only questions for now, and if I have more I will use the “ask @dan” thread that he mentioned in his latest update or somewhere else on the forum.



yes we have various threads but I will speed ball some info for you
you only need a pusher fan if you exceed the default hose length
you only need glasses if you have the pro the basic is class one and does not need glasses
all entry to the device has interlocks if it is opened the laser turns off
there is a hard toggle button for power on the back as well


Thanks for your reply. I know that you need safety glasses for the pro and not the basic. To clarify my question: Are glasses recommended in case laser beams leak through the long-work-piece ports, or do they most certainly leak, regardless of the closed top door? If that is so, what type (make, model) of safety glasses are recommended? I would not want to skimp and buy some eBay item that would jeopardize my safety or that of other observers.

ya so there is a few threads about glasses, but its for the pass through slot

I did not order the pro so I have done zero looking to into goggles but you should be able to poke around the forum and find a few threads. I know the other day someone posted a few amazon links I just don’t recall the name of the thread and with some many new topics created yesterday I’m finding it tough to find it at the moment

I found my pair on Amazon (and I don’t need them with the Basic)…just look for CO2 laser goggles. (10600 nm)

They come in a range of prices and have some for over-glasses and whatnot. (try to get a pair with side protection.)


And if it is whacky, then its an indication that its not ready for prime time. Its not about making people feel jittery, its about making people feel confident. Put whatever disclaimers necessary - that is not the intent. The intent is to build people’s confidence. I take it you are ok with a go/no on shipping for a 4th time in a row. Thats ok. A lot of people are not satisfied with that approach.

I just liked it because it was coherent, well written and told a story.

I don’t know about being “okay” with having to wait longer. That might not be exactly my feelings.

I might also disagree with you on saying this is the 4th delay, but that really doesn’t have a lot to do with things not being as simple as we might like them to be. While new videos might instill some short term confidence in you, me, and 100 other people without causing us to think (more) badly of the company it may have long-term effects that are less than desirable.

Besides, that was just an example. I do not know all of the details that make things complicated. I’m just saying it’s not as simple as thoughtlessly pulling out a cell phone. Maybe some things can be that simple and hopefully that is what Dan and company will take out of the feedback that they’re getting on the forum. I just think often they are not.


There is a very small but not zero possibility that the laser beam could reflect through the open pass thru door. Your eye or the eye of others would have to be in the wrong position at the wrong time. Kids are about the right height. I’m not sure but I believe there to be a flap over the pass thru slot when it is not in use. If so, the GF Pro would be completely sealed from laser light leaks. I have laser glasses and will choose when to use them. Some communities have regulations as to the use of Class IV lasers (mostly for businesses) You will have to research that for your location. OSHA used to have rules but I believe they are no longer involved. Federal sites, Universities and some other public institutions have their own rules. You can try these glasses or others with similar specifications at 10,600nm.


As a 40W unfocused beam instantly burns through paper instantly I think it will more than just hurt. 40W on an area about 5mm diameter is still a relatively high power density. An electrical component that size would get very hot with just 1W.

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IMHO weather can be predicted much more solidly than the delivery date of a Glowforge… First, just “Were Sorry”, then “Power Supplies” Dan said everything else was working just fine, guess that wasn’t true either, now this? … Anyone remember Jeffry Skiling? Goodbye, Cancelled -> yesterday and still no email or anything that my money is on its way… so much for that “Great” communication, hope my money arrives soon so I can buy something that is worth my time…

About 350 degrees, My soldering iron’s tip is about 5mm (its 3,2 mm) - that’s why I used it as an example.

Yes but the power isn’t concentrated at the surface of the tip. It is over a cylinder about 60mm long and 7mm diameter. That has an area about 70 times greater.

That is my point. Pump 40W (actually only 25W for an old uncontrolled iron) into something that size and it all heats to 370C. Pump it into something 70 times smaller and it will heat to 25900C.

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