Schedule update (December '16)


I’m assuming you are talking about Elio Motors.

I fully support people per-ordering the Elio, and yes I’m just saying that because I invested in them, too. :grin:


Nice designs. We’re not that far apart, I’m in the San Antonio area. Keep up the cool designs!


Me too (for 3 of them). But maybe not as sure they’ll make it so didn’t invest in the company.

Have you seen the Electra Meccanica SOLO? Nice little 1 seater electrical town vehicle out of Vancouver. I’m in for one of those too.


Apparently that makes at least 4 of us!

That Electra Meccanica is an attractive looking vehicle but for $15000 I expect more than a 90 mile range and top speed of 80mph.


I should take this off this thread, but here’s the last thing I’m going to say about this topic and if you want to discuss it further message me direct, Sondors electric car.


Since the Elio is still so far out in time, I’m covering my bets. One thing the SOLO gets me is the HOV lane. That’s huge for commuters. Otherwise there are some decent 4 passenger car options out there without the limitations of the SOLO.


I’m not to worried about derailing the thread. It’s a mess already…
I’ve got 2 of the original Sondors Electric fat bikes. Though I like his vision and the design, I think the car is a lot further out than anybody is wiling to admit. Plus I have no room in the garage after I get my Elio in there :grin:


We started a beer thread, why not break out into 3 wheel vehicle thread! Just kidding😇


The tadpole-style trike I got for physical therapy/rehab after my last ACL replacement.

And the view from the cockpit of the trike at the top of the dirt track at Valmont Bike Park.

(notice my functional right knee. That’s the one full of titanium. Trike rehab worked.)


How did you do your ACL?

That is such an Aussie disorder, it mostly comes from playing Australian Rules Football (men) and Netball (women)
On the positive side we have some of the best knee surgeons in the world


Woohoo, there’s another one of us! :smile:


This time around: Dirtbike. Blipped the throttle late crossing a big wet, angled log. Foot slipped off the peg while tire walked down the log, heard the ACL ‘pop’, waited upside-down under the bike for a minute or two while riding buddies climbed down the embankment to extricate me. Immediate 9-mile ride home while I could still manage it before the swelling took me out of commision. Kick-start is on the right side, was… interesting.


I have seen so many go during Aussie Rules games that it all seems too familiar.
This is why the only Ligament i am likely to damage is on my mouse clicking finger


On the bright side, they were able to clear away a bunch of scar tissue from the first time around (call that one skateboard-related), and the knee no longer sounds like bubble-wrap being squeezed every time I bend it.

FWIW, I still love riding dirtbikes.


Got two of those, lol.


Hey Dan,

Thank you for
the update. Well, of course all of us waited for quite some time. But honestly,
it was a crowdfunding campaign. Everyone should have taught about having to
wait a bit longer. I don’t actually mind at all. I am so excited to get this
amazing product sooner or later. I am over here in Europe and the Glowforge
will present me opportunities never seen before! Thank you for making sure we
all will get something we never dreamed of before!



No it wasn’t and isn’t. It’s a pre-order for a discount. The development is funded by venture capital.

I have backed lots of Kickstarters and Indigogos with my eyes open. I generally only back things that are already working because backing at the development state is extremely risky and always very late. In fact the two least developed projects I backed failed and I lost my money. They were only small amounts though $100 for a Peachy 3D printer, for example. I knew that had a high chance of failing, I just backed it for a entertainment as I can afford to loose $100. Surprisingly it appears they got it working but one of the principals stole all the money to build a house. I didn’t see that one coming!


As a reference, the majority of the $31 Million of VC funds came in June of 2016. The $28 Million of Pre-Order/Crowdfunding occurred 9 months before.

Though not a Kickstarter or Indigogo official campaign, the crowdfunding aspect did indeed reveal a willingness of non-VC’s to source a product upfront with only the knowledge of getting a discount and a pledge that cancelling a Pre-Order before it ships. The very overly-optimistic timetable helped, but it was the $28 Million that got the VC’s took commit to Glowforge even after the 2nd missed delivery dates.


It has been moved:


Appreciate it, and we’re working our tails off to make that happen.

We haven’t announced numbers, but it’s not enough to affect the wait time I’m afraid. :slight_smile:

We hurt people a lot. I feel terrible about it, and I don’t want to stifle the criticism of me that I think is fair and appropriate given how my leadership has caused people pain.

I’m watching flags carefully - if the community decides that posts are over the line, I’ll delete them. I’m not going to lock the thread or delete posts unilaterally unless they are way off base, though.

Lovely work! I’m glad you found a laser that worked for you. You were wise to buy from gweike - many if not most US distributors of lasers are just rebranding their machines, so buying from the source is a great cost savings.

We’re going to make sure of it. Thank you for your confidence and support.

We can’t wait to get it to you!