🎒 Schoolbag Holder Name Tags and a long unrelated digression

When the kids come home from school they leave a trail of debris starting at the entrance of the house, kind of like slug tracks so you can track their movement through the house, like ET picking up reeces pieces. A bag here, a shoe there, a sock, another shoe… for years.

Then we made a specific location for them to hang their bags, and place shoes, and now there is order in what was once chaos. (they actually use it)

Details: The design template isn’t my own… I bought the vintage font bundle by the Heritage Type Co, which has some pretty cool illustrator templates.
(then I started noticing these templates all over town) The Boardroom in Kailua, and the Magic show in Honolulu…

The bird hooks are from amazon.

Book man above the backpacks…

My wife and I saw book man when we vacationed long ago in New Zealand as a poster in a fun house. As we weren’t living in a dorm, and had a nice home buying a large poster wasn’t going to happen, but I took a photo of it.

Years later TinEye came out, and I uploaded the photo to the site and did a reverse image search, and found the artist. Andre Martins De Barros. We read about him and saw that his studio was north of Moulin Rouge in Paris. Which wasn’t on the radar to visit…

Then a year later we visited Paris and then drove down through the south of France and over to Venice, stopping along the way and had a fun European road trip.

When we were in Paris we went to his studio. He was a delightful man who only spoke french, wore a jean jacket / jeans, and I believe was eating some limburger cheese at the time.

Book man was on display, and was 40k euro, so that wasn’t on the table, however he did have a beautiful painting of Venice that his daughter painted that we bought, and an art scrap from his floor that we loved, and we bought some of his prints that he had on wood. He walked us down the steep hill to the ATM to take out money to complete the transaction.

He autographed the art scrap with a Sharpee marker, which over the years the painting consumed.

The art scrap painting isn’t finished, but from our understanding he didn’t like it, and wasn’t going to go back to finish it. But! It is so cool.

What a fun memory.

Back to the beginning, if you have the same problem with backpacks and child organization, having a location for bags that is lasered and personalized creates order from chaos.

Oh! And I might be building my own wood storage shed soon! More to come… but I cleaned out the wood from the garage from when we put our house on stilts to pour a new foundation years ago, and there seems to be enough wood to build the entire thing out of 4x4s… it could be a pretty solid shed.


Nice templates


Nice practical cut. Thanks for sharing your travel adventures. Buying art directly from the artist is a great opportunity.


Nice post! Great work!


We are long past the need of schoolbag storage … but, I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Nice place for the schoolbags! Always nice to hear about someone’s adventures.


I so loved your story. And your organization! Can’t wait to see pics of your wood storage when you get it done!


How cute! What a great way to get everything organized!


Loved your labels and story, and the slug analogy!


I missed this post originally - These are so cute! and my kids TOTALLY need something like this. Maybe I’ll make something like this for the start of school this year. (I NEED to, just not sure if I’ll get to it, so I can’t commit. lol)


These were the birds that I purchased, just to help enable you.


I like how they don’t require a lot of room above the plaque. The screws and mollies it came with were garbage.