Science Friday: Never ending bloom



Found this today and thought it was an amazing video and could inspire some fantastic designs.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 29th, 2017

That is great – thank you


Boy. How did we miss this video and John Edmark before. This is super inspiring and has a lifetime of exploration right in front of you. Thanks for sharing!


Very interesting work !! Make sure you watch the video AND go further looking at some of the works of John Edmark… there are quite a few interesting ideas !! I so want to make a helicone once I get my Glowforge™


It was mesmerizing. The guy is a genius! Thanks for the link.


Totally hypnotic.


That was awesome!!


While the “bloom” work is pretty amazing (understatement), I enjoyed the talk of the Golden Ratio and how he used it in his work! The initial “sculptures” he showed were pretty neat as well (like the “elephant trunk”…my description of it, and the folding structure that would curl up on itself). Such a wikedly talented person!


Super cool, and quite inspiring. Thanks for the share! :slight_smile: