Scientific stick figures



Long-time lurker, (almost) first-time poster :slight_smile: My Glowforge arrived a couple of weeks back, but it’s been far too warm here in California to do much… until this weekend!

So in celebration, I decided to etch some ahem scientific stick figure designs from a well-known scientific institution… on some macarons. And some :proofgrade: clear acrylic coasters, which will hopefully last a bit longer :smile:

15/1000/370 for the macrons

90/700/370 for the coasters (yes, I overrode the default settings)


Tasty! :sunglasses::+1:


Excellent job!


They turned out great! Welcome to the forum!


Thanks all! I’m really pleased with how the coasters turned out, and my wife now has a lot of ideas for other things to make :smile:


Lurkers UNITE! Ha now let me check my email…


Remarkable first projects! Nice theme you have going on - can’t wait to see what you post next.


The cake is a lie…but I dont know if the macaroons are though…lol :rofl: :wink:
Congrats on getting your forever unit…looks like you’re having lots of fun!!


The second my boys see those coasters I know what one of our very first projects will be :smile: Excellent job!


Very nice! Thanks for joining in and sharing your joy! :sunglasses:


Oh I am! So many plans :smiley:

Next up: something tabletop game related, I think…


Thanks! Maybe before long I’ll start sharing my openscad libraries, various source files, and perhaps even some Inkscape extensions…


That would be most welcome!