Scissor action

Went and broke my scissors yesterday cutting something I shouldn’t have been with them and broke the loop off one handle :frowning:

So chopped up some new ones one the machine after stripping off the old handles and then building a digital copy of the shank and old grips

A few test patterns later on some paper to see if i was working in reality.
And after a test fit an cutting some hardwood pins then slater of super glue and pressure, and I have scissors again. A splash of stain to cover my mistakes and they are ready for the drawer again.

Nothing exciting special or new, but it’s what I did this morning so here it is heh. :beers:


Absolutely brilliant!


Thx :slight_smile: was pretty fun and I think I ended up in better shape than when i started, except for the black and red fingers from staining because i was too lazy to go buy some gloves.


So much cooler looking than the original!


Nice to see an item repaired instead of thrown away. Good job!


I love stuff like this! My husband had an old folding knife that was missing the black handle piece on one side, and I did similar to this. Doesn’t look identical, but sure served the purpose. I just finished making a screen for a vacuum cleaner (don’t know where it goes). My mechanical engineer SIL sent me a PDF of the design he made and I cut it out of some scrap black acrylic.

Brings to mind the old theme music from Mighty Mouse…“here he comes to save the daaaayyy”


Looks great. Very practical. Curious as to what you were cutting?

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Oh you know the normal things like copper wire hehe


:joy: you gotta love ‘mercan ingenuity


Hey canadian all the way hehe, my mistakes are powered by maple syrup.


No judgement here. Go maple leafs!

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I had a favorite coffee cup, had a plastic handle. Knocked it off the counter one day and the handle shattered. A little baltic birch ply and epoxy, and voila.


This is fantastic. I have broken a couple of pairs of scissors myself. And it didn’t even cross my mind to laser new handles. Sigh.


luckily there will always be more broken scissors :slight_smile: and chances to have some fun.

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That turned out great :slight_smile: did you do anything fancy to seal the handle?

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Oh god no, use a toenail clipper for that like a normal person. :rofl:

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Can’t remembered if I showed this tool before or not.

Got into a trend of making projects from the same material using many pins and needed a way to produce them accurately and easily.
Works really simple, put in the dowel select how many layers its for put in the blade and press lightly as you spin it counter clockwise. I put the dowel in my drill and just make piles of them :slight_smile:

double sided for the 2 sizes of dowels i was using and had to toss in a few layers of teal cardstock in there to space it out on the one side.

double sided for the 2 sizes of dowels I was using and had to toss in a few layers of teal cardstock in there to space it out on the one side.

Simple tool but has saved me untold time frustration and pain in my fingers as you can see with the project it was made for below.

A work in progress that I started ages ago that got stalled out designing the crankshaft to run all the legs.



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Looks like lots of work done so far. If that one of those walking machines? :blush:

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Yeah, well right now its a dust collecting machine hehe but its going to be a strandbeest when all said and done.
Started with this image to get the ratio of the legs
and thats as far as ive gotten. I need to find a way to make the crank shaft removable out of the back spine part of the machine but hadn’t considered that when I built that part so probably going to have to re make it.