Score on Acetone Mylar 4mil

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I have cut acetone mylar but haven’t tried scoring on it. The acetone mylar I have is 4mil thick. Has anyone else scored on it? Do you have any recommendations for settings? I am thinking low power and high speed so the laser isn’t on it for too long. I am still so new at all of this.

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You can use the same method to test scoring as you would for cutting, check out #6:

You’ll have it figured out in no time. :slight_smile:


I’m trying to figure out what acetone Mylar is. Mylar is a trade name for a polyester film, that has nothing to do with acetone (which is a volatile, flammable solvent). I do see acetone frequently listed as a solvent for cleaning Mylar, could that be a cause of the confusion?

Could you link to your source, I’d like to explore why they call it that.

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I think they mean acetate, which is fairly common for overhead projectors and also baking.


Thank you. I had a spelling error. I am using this.


I found that 250 speed, power 2, and .04 manual focus gave me the perfect score. I tried 197 speed, power 2, and .04 manual focus and it cut through in some areas.