Score thick lines

I have a design that is all straight lines, the lines are thicker than the laser so when I engrave it using the glowforge, it rasters the design. I was wondering if there is a way for me to set it so that it can etch the design and make the lines on the etch thick by making multiple passes side by side while scoring (following the lines) instead of raster

Theoretically you could (in Illustrator) draw your first and last line and then use the blend tool with the number of steps specified.

Or, you could rotate the design so that the raster goes the way you want. It’s all one in the same, no?

You might find this useful, an experiment i did a while back along these lines.

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Or you could try defocussing the laser. Just set the focus height for the line to be around .25” above the material thickness. At least on acrylic, for me it makes a significantly wider score line.