Scored/painted floral study, plus a gesso experiment

So much laser, so little holiday baking around here. Scan from my sketchbook, re-drawn in AI, scored & engraved on a birch ply panel, then painted.

Last time I did this I decided that I wanted to experiment with putting clear gesso on the panel before scoring, to see if I could get a better painting surface than unfinished wood. Nope. See below: gessoed on L, ungessoed on R. Same settings, same masking. Lots of scorch marks because the mask didn’t hold once it was cut into small pieces, and the actual lines themselves are not as crisp as on the unfinished panel. Granted, I didn’t do any real surface prep before or after applying the gesso, so there’s maybe one more experiment to be had here, but at that point it may be more trouble than it’s worth to me.


There’s gesso much you can do.


Your painted panels are gorgeous! Maybe you can spray the panel with workable fixatif after scoring to give the panel some “tooth.”


Thanks! They are so much fun to make. As is, they actually have a little more tooth than I’d like, but spray fix is a great idea if I ever take the time to sand them down before scoring. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: