Scoring and Engraving from Fusion 360 with Colorific

I am getting quite comfortable with Fusion 360 and I really appreciate the good work that went into developing the colorific plugin.

I have two tasks that I am unsure how to accomplish:

  1. I would like to engrave text on some of the surfaces from my Fusion360 design. I can add text to the sketches used to make the 3D design, but they disappear when I extrude to make a 3D object. How can I add text (or other features) to my design so that I can engrave them when I output from Fusion 360?

  2. I would like to make a partial cut to act as a groove to help hold an o-ring in place. I presume that this would be a score, or a partial cut. Again, I’m not sure how to accomplish this in Fusion360 and colorific.

I realize that I could do both of these tasks by editing the svg output file, but that workflow is prone to error and I’d really like to know how to do this all with Fusion360 and colorific.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I answered my own questions.

Engraving can be done simply by selecting “etch” when you create the tool path.

To do a partial cut you need to simply create a different tool path and then set the power and speed differently to get a partial cut.

Basically, each different cut style needs to be a different tool path created within Fusion 360.


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