Scrabble for Charity

What a crisp and beautiful job on the board. Love it!


Owyn’s must think that it’s effective, but I find it quite annoying and distracting the pop-ups regarding what the latest person bought. As an eCommerce professional, I would test it, but watch the data carefully. Sometimes annoying things are effective.


I’m sure that’s an option for whatever e-commerce cms they are using, and could probably turn that off. I find it annoying, but chalk it up to them being g a small company that doesn’t understand good ui design. It definitely doesn’t get me to buy more wood.


Wow–that’s gorgeous! What a fantastically executed project.


So did you color with the sharpie then burn the words on the board? If so how did you avoid scorch marks from the burn?


Scored the squares that I need to add color. Removed the board, but leaving the rest in place as a jig. Removed masking and “painted” squares. Let dry, remask, and then place back in :glowforge: for the engraving of the words. Multistep process, but the lines and words came out clean.



The accent colors are a nifty touch, and the photography is stunning!


Nice touch with the placement grid. That—and being a turntable—is what makes my Deluxe Edition my favorite board on which to play. But I’d enjoy making a Super Scrabble sized edition with similar features.

Also, love the touch for the Glowforge bonus tile.


BTW, did you do your tile set as an inlay or an in-filled engrave?

The tiles are engraved.

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What material do you choose for filling in engraves?

Nothing. There is nothing filling in the engraved areas.

Ooops sorry, for getting the posts confused. I meant my in-fill question for @marmak3261:
Is it a layered ply that gives you light colored letters on a dark (walnut?) wood? Or did you stain after the fact?

The tiles are made from Hickory plywood. Engraving any plywood in my experience is going to give you a dark burned look. I may put poly on the tiles to seal them, but the pictures were taken with no stain or anything on the tiles. The board is cherry ply, and has a bit of mineral oil on it.

I inlayed each of these tiles with maple veneer. The score numbers were brutal. But it came out great. Here’s how I did it.


Wow! That does sound brutal on the score numbers—not just applying them but how to cut without losing them to the crumb tray. Thanks for sharing a link to your experience. They look great in the photo.

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