Scrabble for your love

I needed a quick item to add to the stack of Valentine’s Day cards for my wife. I was super sleeping since I was on overnight call and on again tonight so a low mental energy make. And thought hey scrabble is always fun…

All glued with starbond CA glue with accelerator. It’s all modeled in OnShape and then assembled into SVG in illustrator

:proofgrade: maple


If someone wants the file: (5.5 KB)


Now they’re gonna have to move you over to free designs! (But thanks!)

I luv you is a score of 13! Cute.


Very cute! I’m sure she loved it!

AWWWW this is so sweet!


Not familiar with this product. How is it different from other super glues?

From a bonding standpoint not much, but I like the fact that’s it is dyed dark brown. You can use it to fill in engraving or knots in wood. It comes in a bigger bottle with some super fine long tips for filling in.

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Thank you kindly for the link. Is there one product from this company you would choose to be the paragon of the group?

I just get the medium brown regular glue on Amazon. I go through it very quickly since I use a lot of it doing the tap&glue method on
My x-carve.

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