Scrap wood and politicking

With a lot of left over pieces and the mid year primaries coming up, it was time to have a bit of fun with my Glowforge and some ‘Viral’ campaigning.

Making use of Cruz Ortiz’s original art he is using to fundraise for Beto, I started making little trinkets to hand out.

Well, instead of just giving them away, I actually started hiding them around town for people to find.

Here are some of the newer versions. Perfect for adding to your key chain.

The back I added Ortiz’s printing company logo as well as my own signature and I’m numbering them.

If you are in San Antonio. Keep an eye out, you just may find one.


Those are awesome and I like that you’re hiding them to be discovered


Sort of Poli-tricking combined. Good luck on the campaign!

Oh hey! You could engrave a few smooth rocks and scatter those around as well.


Whoa, are you a fellow San Antonio user by chance?

Yes I am

Hey, rad! Outta curiosity, do you know how long it took between your “fill in your address” e-mail and receiving the Glowforge? I just got my e-mail yesterday and am too excited.

I don’t remember exactly when I got the email to submit my address. The :proofgrade: box showed up about 2 weeks after the email. The Glowforge it’self was a couple months later (The end of Sep. ). This was also at a time when their supplies and shipping process was still having kinks worked out of it. You may see a quicker turn around.