Like many, thinking up things to make with scraps. I’ve actually found a few PG sheets that I think have just gotten old. This is cherry and the masking is barely hanging on and the finish is rough. I still hate to waste any though, so made these little pins. Two Christmas themed and one for a friend who loves to knit.

I colored them with my Sharpie paint pens. I love doing that kind of exacting type of thing…suits my ODC self. (On the tree, there was a bit of bleed over from the blue, so after taking the photos, I used a tiny piece of sandpaper and got most of it off.)

Forgot to mention…the images came from the Noun Project. :slightly_smiling_face: which I love!


Nice. Where’d you get your pin hardware?


These pins make me feel happy, happy, happy, happy, merry, merry, merry, merry. Very sweet!


I like your makers mark!


Oh how cute! I like the little knitting one! :grinning:


Good ol’ Amazon! They’re like those tie tack kinds of pins…but these have rubber backs on them.


Thank you! It’s for Xabbess Laser. My husband said it looks like a railroad crossing sign. :rofl: :roll_eyes:




Super cute! And I also like your logo!


Great use of scraps! I also like your logo … It’s cool to place our mark!


Happy cake day!


Happy Cakeday 3 @cynd11! :grinning::gift::balloon::tada::confetti_ball::boom: