Scraps into bracelets


Pretty cool how small we can go. :grinning: Been using up some scraps to make bracelets and a couple of other bits. Got myself a beginners jewellery set, something I never thought I’d do. Although it runs in the family, my dad was a diamond setter and my cousin followed him and became a jewellery designer.

Really pleased how this one turned out.


Even made use of the offcut offcuts


Just starting to get into leather bracelets meself. Sooo many possibilities with the GF!

Nice work!


Beautiful work!


They came out great! I’d say the beginner’s jewelry set was a good investment.

I like the offcut offcut use, too.


The engraved Yin Yang really works perfectly, giving dimensional positive and negative. :sunglasses:


Really nice. Like the leather pieces best.


Like that first one with the charms! :slightly_smiling_face: