Scratch Art to Engraving

My daughter, the pet groomer ( also does art in mediums other than fur on occasion. I was visiting and saw this scratch art on the wall that she did. I took a photo and wanted to see what I could do with it on Hiakari.

I had to clean up my reflection and compensate for the loss of contrast due to the glass in the frame.

Then I did some tests to see what I might expect with different “Min Power” settings. In the end, ensuring that the contrast was high and the white was pure white made the biggest difference.

I masked some painted plywood and engraved with Vary Power and 70% power. Afterwards, I brushed out the char. I wiped black acrylic into the engraving and removed the masking. The result turned out well. I’m amazed given the quality of the starting image.


Wow, that picked up the detail beautifully! :grinning:

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Nice! So much detail. Looks like a lot of weeding :sunglasses:

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Weeding wasn’t too bad. I use one of those extendable, snap-off blade exacto knives and follow that with Gorilla tape.

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That much detail from a picture. Excellent. BRAAAK WHOS A PRETTY BIRD? BRAAAK


This baby can do amazing detail. I was mostly shocked at what I could do with such a poor starting shot. The factor in my favor was that it was a pure black and white art piece.

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I’ve never considered lasering an already painted piece! Did you have any problems with fumes? Was it just regular acrylic paint? That’s a very exciting idea!

It’s a bit risky if you don’t know what the coating is. This is a small piece about 3x3" and my vent works very well. I have used acrylic paint to prepaint a piece. I would think that is safe.

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Damn you! That’s just evil! :wink:

That’s not the “worst” of it. She also brought home THESE!

Aaagh. I’m never going to lose the holiday weight. …but they are so :yum:. Happy to share! You’re right. I’m evil. :innocent:


Whimper! :confused:

It’s single digits here, so we need something to balance it out.