Scratching the laser itch

Im making the jump to a cheap laser. My wonderful wife said i can get one for my birthday ;). there are several threads on the topic of the K40 but not all of them have the source for where they got them. If anyone had a good experience buying theirs i would love to know where, so i can do a little compare and contrast. Thanks!


I think most people got theirs off ebay.

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Ive been looking there.

There are about 150 listing at 350$ ±50$. all the same thing, but not the same thing haha. I’m hoping to follow in someones footsteps.

I think it’s a crapshoot. They’re commodity manufacturers building these right alongside kids trucks, bouncy chairs, etc. etc. I got mine of eBay from equipmentwholesaler1 for $360.

Make sure you check the delivery cost - some of them are jacking that up while reducing the sales price. It’s the delivered-to-your-door price you want.

See if you can get a Gen 3 model. That one will have air assist, key lock, big power switch, etc (along with the electronics upgrades the Gen 2 models got), interior lighting, water temp sensor, safety interlocks, red dot aiming pointer, etc. You can add those to your machine after the fact but you can also get them straight up for probably less than you’ll pay to do it yourself - here’s one that’s got it all K40 Plus BUT I’m not recommending this particular one or any other in fact, it’s just illustrative of what’s out there.

Others who have gotten one can let you know who they used, if they had issues (I had none) and how the issues were resolved.

At the end of the day, not much you can rely on but how long they’ve been on eBay and their rating which isn’t a lot anymore. The good news is these are dead simple machines and you can fix anything you need - the 68 VW Beetle of the laser world :slight_smile:


Good to know. ive been scouring ebay looking for something like this.

Which is what i think you are talking about. But i haven’t found any yet. Just the older ones

That’s a good deal - it’s a good in between model. Not as tricked out as the one I linked to but the things it’s missing are pretty easy to add pretty cheaply (for less than the price difference). Just keep watching to see if it comes back in stock.

The other thing is make sure it’s not shipped from China( that is if you’re in the states). If in the US look for the ones shipped from Calif. If not in the US… ummm nevermind :neutral_face:

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