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Scrolling a long thread can be difficult for some people. In the spirit of trying to help with accessibility, I thought I’d share a few tricks.

There are ways to skip the the beginning or end of a thread, but what I want to cover is ways to scroll threads so that you can read the whole thing.

These tips are Chrome specific, if someone wants to vet them in another browser, please do and reply.

Technique #1: Space bar.

Pressing space bar scrolls forward a full page (ish). If you want to go back? Shift-spacebar goes back up a page. This is nice because you don’t have to install or do anything special, it’s just part of the way Chrome works – it’s not just in the forum.

Technique #2: Autoscrolling bookmarklet

This is a nice trick, it’s a really minimal install and lets you control scroll speed with the keyboard, which is nice.

Technique #3: Autoscrolling extension

There are extensions out there that will automatically scroll your page forward at a speed of your choosing. Here’s one:

There are many other extension options, searching for “auto scrolling chrome extension” will give you wuite a list. This one worked fairly well, but I think I prefer the bookmarklet.

Also, don’t forget that you can type “?” at any time in discourse for a list of keyboard shortcuts. There are lots of quick little tricks that may work out to be less difficult for some of us. Happy foruming, everyone!


Thanks! I’ll definitely have to explore some of these! You always find answers for every issue - I appreciate it. :smiley:

also, if you click the title at the very top, it will take you up to the original first post. without having to scroll back up through everything.

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And if you click on the numbers on the side it lets you pick any number on the thread.

“Home”, “End” and the space bar are your friend when slogging through (sometimes long) Glowforge forum threads. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the spacebar tip!

You are the bedrock of this forum. Thank you. Space bar? I am so ignorant and I depend upon you to lead this blind man.


Just a note that these don’t just apply to forums, but any browser-based content since the beginning of the web. They are pretty much identical across all browsers, just different keystrokes depending on the platform (i.e. -↑ for “Home” or -↓ for “End” on a basic Mac keyboard)

All the Chrome shortcuts are here:

… and most will work on other browsers.


The solution to many things but it is in Titusville :yum:

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